About Us

sweet secrets bakeryTaylor Whittle is a big believer in following your passion. She moved away from her home and went to pastry school in Colorado, but when she wanted to move back to Rapid City, she realized there was nowhere for a pastry chef to thrive. Her family decided to fill that void and in 2017, Sweet Secrets Bakery opened its doors. Walk in and you’ll find a wide variety of treats including gluten free treats — and you can’t miss the open kitchen where Taylor and her team are hard at work coming up with their newest item or fulfilling a custom order. It’s no secret that it’s the best bakery around.

Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m the pastry chef/manager at Sweet Secrets Bakery. When I’m not at the bakery, I like to spend time with my dog, Kitty, family and friends! My favorite items to eat are the chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake and french macaroons! I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to baking, I really love what I do!

Hiya! My name is Sarah, and I am a baker here at Sweet Secrets Bakery! Most of my free time is spent with my pup, Kal. We spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the Black Hills and Sunshine! The french macaroons are my favorite sweet treat, although crazy enough, I don’t have a sweet tooth and LOVE our savory gougeres! Getting creative and meeting smiling faces everyday is so much fun to do!